Exclusive brass sundial as a single piece unique with a two-compartment shadow launcher to display the date and WOZ (real time) with a conversion graph for the determination of the exact time.
Exactly for your location, calculated and produced.

The sundial was designed in 2018 – calculated and produced in Austria.
The sundial is made entirely of brass.
Delivery brass sundial with stainless steel adjustment plate, without rack/column.

All engravings are deep grooves with Polish design and clear coat sealant.
No wear and tear on the engraving / time lines is possible, because there is no laser engraving!

Also with the clear coating you received after 1-2 years, a light brass Patina on the surface.

You provide to us to order your location (e.g., Google Maps or coordinates/GPS) and we produce the sundial exactly for this position.

Each sundial is therefore unique.

The sundial is aligned with the help of the 3 Adjustment/Lotschrauben within a few minutes and is ready to use.
The shadow shows the WOZ – True local time at the location.
To determine the exact time (CET/CEST) is to WOZ, the equation of time or added.
The equation of time of the date-dependent and can be determined by the date – time graphics.
The accuracy of the reading is a maximum of +/- 3 minutes. Due to the Material thickness of the shadow caster.
With a little Practice, a nearly minute-by-Minute time-reading.

2. Shadow item displays the date and the current zodiac sign.

Individual Cuts are included in the price. You will receive prior to the production of a drawing for the share.

The processing time for calculation/drawing/production is a maximum of 30 working days. In General, the sundial will be finished within 3 weeks.

Height of shade-thrower approx. 12cm / approximately 18cm including adjusting plate
Diameter of dial: 29cm